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Painting Vitiligo

The Painting Vitiligo project was started to spread awareness of the skin condition vitiligo, which Sue was diagnosed with at 32.  Vitiligo affects around 1% of the world's population and causes loss of pigment turning it totally white, usually in patches all over the body. People from around the world have got in touch and shared their photos showing the condition, which have then been turned into portraits. Some have inclued their stories about their condition to help send a positive message on how they manage with vitiligo. 

Supporters of the project include The British Skin Foundation and  



For more information about vitiligo click here:



If you'd like to get in touch regarding the project, please go to the contact page.



Matthew - one of the participants of the 'Painting Vitiligo' series

  • My name is Matthew. When I got to high school I became much more comfortable taking my shirt off, especially playing sports, and that was a way for me to show people that I have a skin disorder and it really doesn’t bother me. Now I’m completely open to discuss my vitiligo, and I even spoke about it in a presentation for one of my classes. I used to want so badly to get rid of it, and while the sunburn really sucks, I’ve realized that my vitiligo is something that makes me unique.

RRare Revolution Magazineare
'Painting Vitiligo' was featured in this issue of Rare Revolution Magazine - the Rare skin edition.  Click the link to read more.
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