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Creating Art with Alcohol Inks

I discovered alcohol inks around 18 months ago after seeing a video on good old YouTube and was fascinated by how you use them and the amazing effects the create. I immediately ordered some so I could have a go too. I've learnt lots along the way and if you'd like a go as well - here's a quick run down on what you need.


Paper - Yupo paper or the reverse of photographic paper (the non-shiny side is best but you can try both)

Inks - I like to use Ranger alcohol inks or Pinata inks.

Isopropanol alcohol - 99% is best. You can use a lower percentage but not quite as effective.

Sharpie pens or Posca pens for added details if desired.

An open window - good ventilation is key as the fumes are rather potent!

A hair dryer/heat gun - you can use this to move the ink around and dry the inks quickly.

A straw/air gun - to blow the inks around the page.

Watch the video below which has more detail on what you need and how to use them and once you start you'll fall in love with what the inks can do.

I'll be demonstrating more on using alcohol, particularly portraits and flowers which are favourite themes.

If you have any questions or anything else you'd like me demonstrate and discuss then please get in touch.

Happy creating!


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