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Live art lessons

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

January 2021 bought an unsettled start here in the UK and being self-employed brought my family some uncertainty, similar to many, many others. It was time to change direction (again!) and online art lessons seemed the way to go. I'm an experienced primary school teacher, specialising in art, so teaching seemed the most natural thing to do.

Having done a few lives previously last year, I'd learnt a bit about the ins and outs of how to handle it all, learning a bit about lighting issues, the best phone stand to use so people could watch me draw and that my dog always wants to be let out during a live!

I spent the first week of January offering live art draw along sessions on my Facebook page as a way of promoting it all, I shared what I was offering to all the mums group I'd joined. Then suddenly one time, somehow, it all took off. My reach suddenly escalated! Not sure how exactly but a bit of right time, right place maybe? Got to 1 million reach! How did that happen?

I was, somehow, on a roll, doing something I enjoy!

All sessions are aimed at primary ages and all abilities welcome to join in.

Here's the weekly line up:

After School Art Club is now being offered on a Monday at 4.30pm every week. Each week has a different theme and all you need are some pencils, pens and some paper and watch along.

Tickets available via Eventbrite.

Thursdays at 4.30pm we have a portrait theme, inspired each week by a different artist.

Fridays at 4pm is Fun Art Friday where everyone can join in live on my Facebook page.

More sessions coming very soon!

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