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New sign for the Butterfly Meadow, Brentwood

I came across the local Butterfly Meadow on Facebook as they were asking for volunteers to help with gardening. I've had some experience of building willow structures which needed some management (for another blog!) but also saw their sign needed a bit of TLC so volunteered to give it a new look.

The old sign had flaky paint and varnish and looked a bit sorry for itself.

I then sanded it down and it started to look a little better.

The plastic letter was cracking and falling out so I removed the with the help of a chisel and my husband's 100ish years old screw driver.

I then painted in the black lettering using the grooves left from the previous lettering. I then felt it needed a little more so added some flowers and, of course, some butterflies. It was a satisfying project for a lovely venue.

See below for more info.

Let me know if you manage to visit.


The Butterfly Meadow has been set up in association with Our Grieving Hearts as a place for grieving parents to go for a place of peace, solace and reflection.

For more info click on link below.

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